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I need to find a good home for my gray. He is not sexed but we believe him to be a male. He is 17 years old and because of his age he speaks very well. He has picked up on many phrases and household sounds.These birds normally live anywhere from 50 to 60 years or more so he's still young! He needs an experienced handler because he's not fully tamed. He was this way when we got him and I have tried to work with him and he is definitely getting better. Because he hasn't been handled on a daily basis he is scared and tries to fly away. You can pick him up but he flaps his wings and doesn't want to sit with you. I have gotten him out on many occasions and just let him sit next to me on the couch and he is perfectly content. I just don't have the time that it takes to continue working with him so I would love to find someone that has experience that would want to put some one on one time with him to get him a little more tame. My mom is having some serious health problems and I'm hardly at home anymore so I feel bad leaving him caged up all the time. This bird would not be good for someone that has never had a large parrot before! I'm selling him at a pretty low price because I know he needs work. He's very healthy, has never plucked, and is on a seed/pellet diet with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. You will need a cage large enough to house him with plenty of chew toys and things to keep him entertained. I would like to keep my cage because it's in such good shape and when I get more time in the future I would love to get another parrot. These birds normally sell for $800 or more but I'm willing to let him go for $650 OBO. If you have a REASONABLE offer please contact me and SORRY BUT I CANNOT SHIP. You can contact me by text, phone or email. 678-520-XXXX