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???????IF YOU HAVE INTEREST IN BUYING PLEASE REPLY WITH YOUR CELL PHONE# AND I CALL OR TEXT BACK FAST!!!????????xxxx Plymouth Concord P22 Fastback Coupe?Indicating a original 68,409 miles, it runs and drives fabulous, after having spent a number of hours servicing it, inclusive of a new battery (6volt), cap, rotor, points, ignition wires, spark plugs, fuel purge, carb cleaning, all oils replaced (10/30 Pennzoil with ZDDP) brake fluid flush, coolant flush and replacement (correct green) chassis and water pump lubrication, and brake inspection.?Oodle powers Facebook Marketplace, the app on Facebook for buying, selling, lending and gifting among one?s community. Oodle strongly encourages posters to include a Facebook profile with listings, believing that users will prefer the transparency of dealing with someone with a name and face attributed to their listing.